TR Entertainment awaits
the talented.


  • Application Fields
  • Singer (Vocal/Rap/Dance)
  • Producer (Compose/Arrange)


  • Application Requirements and Recruitment Period
  • No limits on age, nationality, gender and experience
  • Regular Recruitment


  • Audition Procedures
  • 1. Application Review
  • 2. Camera Test
  • 3. Final Audition


  • Application Instructions
  • Fill out audition application form (refer to download link below)
  • Non-edited, original photos of applicant (1 face closeup photo from front, 1 full body shot photo from front)
  • Video of applicant’s singing and dancing
  • For producer applications, submit original production by applicant (no limit on number of songs)
  • Submit to
  • Email title format must be: Application Field / Name / Birth date


  • Notice
  • Webcam photos, sticker photos, selfies, photos without full face exposure, photoshopped or retouched photos will be excluded from evaluation
  • Applications that contain false information may be disregarded and cancelled
  • Please note that further notices will be forwarded to successful applicants only
  • All applications and submitted resources will belong to TR Entertainment and be kept confidential
  • We do not accept any enquiry phone calls regarding auditions